GABRIEL SCAR can record his 1st professional full album

(14/09/2013) - Gabriel Scar just reached his goal amount on the website of SellaBand.
Support for his album came out of Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, England, Denmark,USA, Canada and New Zealand. Gabriel thanks all of the believers in his project and willnow start working on the full album for them, and after them, the big public.

You can check everything out on

Support GABRIEL SCAR his 1st Full CD project !!!

(23/03/2013) - You can now support GABRIEL SCAR’s first Full CD. He needs the finances to make his first full album. He is trying to get the funds by fan funding. He is trying to get 3000 euro (needed to make the CD) together. On the moment that I’m writing this article, already 21% of the funds (650 euro) have been found.

You can check it and support him on

Don’t worry, you will get a lot back for you money. For 10 euro you already get a download of the album when it’s finished. For 20 euro you get the physical album and a download. And so on. And if the goal of 3000 euro doesn’t get reached, you get your money back.

GABRIEL SCAR got a 19th place in the NEW BELGIAN TALENT TOP 30 of 2012 !!!

(06/03/2013) - On the station Talent FM ( they have a program called Belgian Talent. On there you will here nothing but Belgian music. Recently they aired a top 30 of the year 2012.
Apparently the song SWEET LITTLE VICTORY of GABRIEL SCAR got a lot of votes from the listeners.
Because he got a 19th place in this top 30. Among a lot of fameous up-coming artists.

You can check the list here

The bookings for 2013 are starting to come.

(20/01/2013) - The bookings for 2013 are indeed starting to come.   Just take a look in the agenda on this website.
But off course we would like to get more bookings.  So, if you would like to book GABRIEL SCAR in 2013, then certainly get into contact with Luc Van der Stocken of SFEST:
+32 (0)478 82 55 95

GABRIEL SCAR can be booked solo (live on tape), accousticly or with complete live band.  If needed, you can also book him together with the superb cover and party band Catholic Girls.
So you see there are a lot of possibilities.  Just let us know what you need.

GABRIEL SCAR 16th place in TOP 50 of 2012, for best upcoming bands in Netherlands !!!

(05/01/2013) - GABRIEL SCAR has managed, as a Belgian band, to get a beautiful 16th place in the Top 50 of the best upcoming bands in the Netherlands,
on Pinguin Radio.  The voting was done through the “2 Minutes Show”.  Also the individual songs of Gabriel Scar had a good run in the Top 100 of the best songs:

- DIT IS DE DAG => 52nd

Here, you can find the complete hit list if you want.
You can also check the website of the “2 Minutes Show”, at Hitlijst, and see if the list is still there: