Gabriel got the 6th place in the CRHISTMAS TOP 50 of Textradio !!!

(30/12/2010) - Gabriel Scar got the 6th place in the CRHISTMAS TOP 50, of Textradio, with the song THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.
The rest of the artists were all fameous artists actually.  The Christmas period keeps on going well for Gabriel Scar.

Here you find the list of the TOP 50:

Gabriel Scar ended 5th in a Christmas poll !!! 

(25/12/2010) - Gabriel Scar has taken the 11th place, with the song WINTER WONDERLAND, in the CHRISTMAS TOP 30. This was on the Dutch radio station Radio Hollandpower, through RH-Artist Promotion.

This is the complete list:

01. Rommy - Ave Maria
02. Roosy en Keller - Wijs me de weg
03. Monque Regtop - 't Was in de winter
04. Wout van der Lei - Uit het diepste van mijn hart
05. Sjeng de Belsj - Jaore die sjitterend waore
06. Petro - Met kerst alleen
07. Stroatklinkers - As ik mit kerst de klokken van Martinitoren heur
08. Doenja, Frank Verkooijen en Theo van Cleeff - Kerstfeest voor iedereen
09. Kerststerren en Klaproosjes - Een heel gelukkig kerstfeest
10. Martin Melro - Sneeuwpret
11. Gabriel Scar - Winter wonderland
12. Jan Hidding - Met de kerst
13. Lenny - Driving home for christmas
14. Stafke Fabri - Karsmis deur de joare
15. Beer en Audrey - Hoog daar aan de hemel
16. Marlous en Rene Karst - Ik wil een kerstboom versieren met jou
17. Belsy en Florian - Ich schenk dir die sterne der weihnacht
18. SSonja Onderstal - Please come home for christmas
19. Anita en Ed - Kon het maar altijd kerstmis zijn
20. Johnny Bach en Frank van Etten - Met kerstmis zou iedereen gelukkig moeten zijn
21. Kenny Rogers en Dolly Parton - Christmas without you
22. Bob Offenberg - Laat het sneeuwen
23. Janneke de Roo - Ave Maria
24. Nick en Simon - Santa's party
25. Eltje Doddema - 'n Stoetje met 'n plak keze
26. Francien Kuiper - Rudolf
27. Adrian Mey - Ik heb een ster gezien
28. Amigos - Stille nacht
29. Het Dommers Duo - Met z'n zender onder de kerstboom
30. Roy Otters en Angelique Houter - Een gelukkig fijn nieuw jaar

Gabriel Scar ended 5th in a Christmas poll !!! 

(24/12/2010) - Gabriel Scar ended 5th (80 of the participants got votes) in the Christmas poll of “Artists from the region” and “RH-Artist Promotion”. Two Dutch artist sites.

01. Sonja Onderstal 1301
02. Zangeres Dineke 397
03. Danny Plezier 364
04. Truus Trut & de Terlenka's 165
05. Gabriel Scar 125
06. D r Wielly 87
07. Shirley Klysen 22
08. Dave Davis 13
09. Hugo Beijeman 10
10. Marc van Ek 9
11. Frans Bauer 8

Gabriel Scar becomes the godfather of The Henny Foundation, who are battling against Vulva Cander !!! 

(12/12/2010) - Gabriel Scar has accepted the honour of becoming the godfather of The Henny Foundation. They are battling against Vulva Cancer. This foundation has been founded by one of Gabriel’s fans in The Netherlands. She had the sickness herself. After that, she decided to found this foundation, in order to help women, who have the same problems. Her name is Henny Krijnen.

Gabriel immediatly agreed to be the foundation’s godfather. Because he wants to support this initiative through his website too.

If you want more information about the foundation, you can always check
Women of other nationalities can also ask for information.

Gabriel Scar has entered the TEXTRADIO TOP 15, with WINTER WONDERLAND, in 13th place !!! 

(12/12/2010) - One of Gabriel Scar’s Christmas songs (that he made as a special for the local radios) has entered a hit chart. He entered the Textradio Top 15, with the song WINTER WONDERLAND, in 13th place.

You can vote for this song every day. So support this fun Christmas song and vote for Gabriel Scar.

GABRIEL SCAR: solo and with THE CRAZY MUSICAL ANIMALS on Frietrock (French Fries Rock) 2010 

(10/12/2010) - Last weekend there was Frietrock 2010 in Flanders (Belgium). The music festival around “the week of the French Fry”. In all Flemish chip shops, which had inscribed themselves (and those were a lot), there were live performances. By fameous and less fameous artists. Gabriel Scar even did 3 performances during Frietrock 2010.

Friday 3 December, he had a gig with his band GABRIEL SCAR & THE CRAZY MUSICAL ANIMALS in chip shop Den Biesakker, in Lille (Belgium). This was a very good first performance with his band, in the completely renewed setting. There was a very good atmosphere during the different performances. And, an article about it appeared in HET NIEUWSBLAD this week. That’s a national newspaper in Belgium.

The day after Lille, Gabriel still had 2 solo performances for Frietrock. First he had, in the late afternoon, a gig for the homeless people in the Marolls, in Brussels, on the Vossen Place. This, working together with chip shop Jake’s Place, from Willebroek, who dispensed free french fries for the homeless. TV BRUSSELS came along to make a small report about it.

Later that same evening, there was still the superb duo performance of Gabriel Scar and Glenn De Gendt. The chip shop (Jeannine & Jan, in Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium) was completely full. It was really standing arm to arm. But, the atmosphere was superb. An article about this show appeared in GAZET VAN ANTWERPEN (another national newspaper).

In short, a fantastic Frietrock (French Fries Rock) weekend. The articles can be found on the photo page of this site. Also pictures of the performances themselves.

Gabriel Scar brings a few Christmas songs on local radio stations !!! 

(22/11/2010) - During the coming weeks (going up to the Christmas days) you will be able to hear Gabriel Scar on different local radio stations (in Flanders and the Netherlands) with some Christmas songs.

As you will notice, this is not the normal genre that Gabriel usually sings (poprock and power ballads).
But Gabriel and his team wanted to do something different for one time. A speacial for the local radio stations.
We wish you a lot of listening pleasure.

Gabriel Scar got 2nd place in the TEXTRADIO SUMMER HIT 2010 vote 

(30/08/2010) - On Monday 30 August 2010, there was the final show of Textradio Summer 2010.
In this show, there was also the handing over of the TEXTRADIO SUMMER HIT 2010 award. The chosen participants were: CDV (with SEVEN LETTERS), Sammy Bergmans (with OUR SONG FOR THE SUMMER), Denans (with OH MARIAN!), Dave Mansiny (with PARADISE FOR 2), Jerry Sleeckx ft. Tony Cabana (with CHIKA CHIKA), Steve Tielens (with LOVE COLOURS YOUR LIFE) and off course, let's not forget Gabriel Scar (with DIT IS DE DAG = This is the day).

Thousands of people voted on the different songs, but nr 1 and 2 were only separated by 160 votes.
The winner of the award was Steve Tielens, but Gabriel Scar's song DIT IS DE DAG was a very nice second. 3rd was CDV. Last year Gabriel also got the 2nd place in the same award, but for the year 2009. That was with his song LIGHTNING LOVE. Then, he stayed in front of fameous artists like Dean, Anja Yelles and Christoff.
More information on:

Gabriel Scar goes international? 

(27/08/2010) - Not so long ago, Gabriel Scar had a meeting with mister Andrés Martínez, in Charleroi.
In the past, Andrés Martínez helped the Belgian boysband Get Ready! to score a few number 1 hits in Latin Amerika.
He heard some of Gabriel's songs and, apparently, he saw potential in them. That is why he flew to Belgium for just 1 day, specially for Gabriel. To have a talk with him. After this meeting, Andrés told Gabriel that he really believes in it.
And, that he wants to go for it. He is going to try everything to get Gabriel's songs known internationally. The target countries are France, Latin America and North America.
Now, let's hope that this dream will come true.
Gabriel wants to take this chance to thank mister Andrés Martínez already for the fact that he wants to help Gabriel Scar.

Gabriel Scar live on radio and on television this week 

(26/08/2010) - The radio part will be on Monday evening (30 August 2010) live on Textradio. You can listen to it on This will be between 21h00 and 23h00, during the last show of Textradio Summer. There will be the handing over of the TEXTRADIO SUMMER HIT 2010 award. The last 3 possible winners will be in the studio. They are Gabriel Scar, CDV and Steve Tielens.

The television part will be on ROB TV (the regional television for Eastern Brabant). Gabriel will be live on TV between 15h30 and 16h30, in Studio ROB, on Thursday 2 September 2010. He will be interviewd and will also bring 2 live songs with his guitarist Tom Poppe. (This is part of his television tour. This year they already visited ATV, TV Limbourg, Ment TV and Gunk TV. In the past years they also did next programs and TV channels: Man Bites Dog, Jim-TV, S-Television and ATV once more.)

Pleast vote Gabriel Scar into the ranks of record label SONIC ANGEL of Maurice Engelen !!! 

(17/07/2010) - We would like to ask you to vote for Gabriel Scar by using the link at the end of this article, that way he can get into the first 3 and win this competition.
The teen magazine JOEPIE and the record label SONIC ANGEL (of a.o. Maurice Engelen, where Tom Dice and Mathieu & Guillaume are a part of) are organising this together. 3 artists will be selected and will keep their chances for winning the recording of a song, suported by Sonic Angel, and maybe scoring a hit with this song. Gabriel Scar is also participating in this competition. So, vote for him, and also take a look at his 3 clips on this site.

Here you have the link (thanks in advance):

After his first number 1 in 2009, Gabriel Scar has won a new number 1 !!! 

(14/07/2010) - Last year, Gabriel Scar had a number 1, on Textradio, with his song LIGHTNING LOVE. Today, he's got a new number 1 with DIT IS DE DAG (= This is the day). And this on JOUW RADIO (= Your radio) This is a pretty big internet network (from Antwerp), who mostly program songs in the Dutch language.

Gabriel is thanking everyone who voted for him and invites them to keep on voting. Next you will find the hit parade (of Jouw Radio) of 14 July 2010, it will be aired on Sunday 18 July 2010:

Jouw Radio Top 15 (Wednesday 14 juli 2010 until wednesday 21 juli 2010)

Place LW Weeks Artist Song
2 1 10 Tom Waes Dos Cervezas
3 4 5 Guus Meeuwis & Marco Borsato Schouder aan schouder
4 12 3 Liliane Saint-Pierre & Mieke Naar het sterrenlicht
5 3 7 Jelle Cleymans Naakt doe ik de afwas
6 5 4 Bart Kaëll Hallo, goeie morgen
7 6 5 Nathalie Tané Sing c'est la vie
8 7 4 TatYana Storm Draai, kom en red me
9 8 9 Jan Smit Terug in de tijd
10 9 12 Clouseau De juiste vergissing
11 10 4 Andes Een dag meer - One more day
12 11 16 Davy Gilles Ieder moment
13 13 14 The Sunsets Songfestival herinneringen
14 14 3 Lindsay Voor 100%
15 15 3 Christoff Doe de polonaise (Pluk de dag)

Gabriel Scar in hit parades and on ROB TV 

(27/06/2010) - Gabriel Scar continues to do well in the media with his new single DIT IS DE DAG (= This is the day). Soon, he can be seen, with an interview and 2 live songs, on ROB TV (regional channel for the east of Flemish-Brabant). The correct date will soon appear on this website.

But, he's not only doing well on TV. He also keeps on going well in different hit parades or charts. You can still keep on voting on following websites:

1) RH-Artiestenpromotie Top 10 (NETHERLANDS): entered chart as number 5. (you can vote every day in the "Regionale Top 10", without having to subscribe to the website)

2) Jouw Radio Top 15: At the moment number 5. (You can vote once every week, starting on wednesdays, per subscribed mail address)

3) Textradio Top 15: At the moment number 4. (You can vote every day, per subscribed mail address)

There are still some charts in which Gabriel could be found with DIT IS DE DAG (= This is the day), here's an : overview.

Gabriel Scar in the hit charts 

(13/06/2010) - How is DIT IS DE DAG (= This is the day) doing in the charts:

Textradio Top 15: After 6 weeks 3rd place (
Jouw Radio Top 15:  After 5 weeks 6th place (highest was 5th) (
Dutch Top 15:  After 6 weeks 8th place (highest was 4th) (
The Flemish Top 15:  After 4 weeks disappeared (highest was 5th) (
Accent FM Top 15:  After 5 weeks disappeared (highest was 9th) (

On the sites where it hasn't disappeared yet, you can still vote for it.

Gabriel Scar was a guest at Textradio Live, together with Cara 

(04/06/2010) - Gabriel Scar was a guest in the studio of Textradio today (4 June). This was for the recording of Textradio Summer (which can be heard somwhere this summer) and for the live show of Textradio Live. He was a guest there together with dance singer Cara and their manager Sammy. It was, together with show host CDV and some fans, a super fun experience. Just have a look at this clip:
Gabriel's new single is still doing well in Textradio's Top 15 and you can still vote for it.

Gabriel Scar moves to number 1 position in the single sales at Belgian Music Online !!! 

(23/05/2010) - Today, we went to look at the sales results on
and suddenly we saw these standings:

  Top 5 sold singles:
1. Dit Is De Dag - Gabriel Scar
2. Halleluja - Natalia & Gabriel Rios
3. Oh Luister Toch - Michael Lanzo
4. Doe De Kangoeroe - The Buzz Klub
5. The Woman Inside - Lucca 

We say: Keep on downloading the single.
He is not only downloadable on, but also on iTunes.

Gabriel Scar in front of 7000 people? 

(19/05/2010) - Gabriel Scar has to perform at the market place of Zele this Sunday (23 May 2010). This will be around 19h00, if everything goes according to plan. The organisation expects there to be 7000 spectators.
Also the NOS (Dutch national television) will come to film. And, 2 radio chains will be broadcasting the show. Among them Club FM.
It's all about Roparun 2010. An estafette run (for a good cause) from Amsterdam to Paris.
So, if you are interested, you are welcome there.

Gabriel Scar keeps on doing well in different hit parades 

(19/05/2010) - These are some of the evolutions in a few hit parades (you can still keep on voting):

  The Flemish Top 15 (
2nd week
-> gone up from 10 to 5
    Textradio Top 15 (
2nd week
-> remains on number 5
  The Dutch Speaking Top 15 (
3rd week
-> gone up from 11 to 8
    Jouwradio's Top 15 (
2nd week
-> gone up from 12 to 10 
  The Dutch Speaking Top 15  (
1st week
-> entered on number 10

DIT IS DE DAG (= This is the day) does well in different hit parades !!! 

(10/05/2010) - The single DIT IS DE DAG (= This is the day) is doing well in a few hit parades. You can still give your vote in these hit parades, so let your vote be heard.
Here are some examples:

  The Flemish Top 15 (
-> entered on number 10
    Textradio Top 15 (
-> entered on number 5
1. Christoff - Je maakt me zo gek   1. Lady Gaga & Byoncé - Telephone
2. Willy Sommers - Vogelvrij     2. Textradio VJ's - Het Jumplied
3. Swoop - 1000 dromen ver   3. Willy Sommers - Vogelvrij
4. Nathalie Tané - Iedereen BV   4. Laura Lynn - We dansen de Zumba
5. Hanny-D - Eenzaam zonder jou    5. GABRIEL SCAR - DIT IS DE DAG
6. Flip Kowlier - Mo ba nin   6. Didrik Solli Tangen - My heart is yours
7. Hanny-D - Mijn verdriet    7. Gerard Joling - Ik leef mijn droom
8. Clouseau - De juiste vergissing    8. Het Huis Anubis - De Vijf Zintuigen
9. Laura Lynn - We dansen de Zumba    9. Tom Dice - Me And My Guitar
10. GABRIEL SCAR - DIT IS DE DAG   10. Niels Destadsbader - Geef me tijd
11. Sander Deroo - Verboden taal    11. Amika - Wie
12. Davy Gilles - Ieder moment    12. Christoff - Je maakt me zo gek
13. Andes - Vergeef me   13. Clouseau - De juiste vergissing
14. Nicky Bandera - In al mijn dromen   14. Frans Bauer - Samen in een Bubblebad
15. Will Tura - In de straat waar je woont     15. Davy Gilles - Ieder moment

  The Dutch Top 15 (
-> entered on number 14
    Jouwradio's Top 15 (
-> entered on number 12 
1. Clouseau - Als er ooit iets fout zou gaan   1. Willy Sommers - Vogelvrij
2. Willy Sommers - Vogelvrij   2. Davy Gilles - Ieder moment
3. Marlous - Je zeurt teveel      3. Nick en Simon - Door jou
4. Janneke De Roo - Ik zien verliefd   4. Liliane Saint-Pierre - Ik ben gelukkig zonder jou
5. Chris De Roo - Ergens op de wereld   5. Jan Smit - Leef nu het kan
6. Freddy & Cindy - Bij jou kom ik thuis   6. Christoff - Je maakt me zo gek
7. Silvia Swerts - Van 's morgens tot 's avonds   7. K3 - Lollypopland
8. Laura Lynn - We dansen de Zumba   8. Danny De Munk - Kontje
9. Nathalie - Ik lach weer naar het leven   9. Eric Flanders - Dat ben jij
10. Helemaal Hollands - Ben je vergeten   10. Clouseau - De juiste vergissing
11. Henri Spider - Kiss Me   11. Fixkes - Neukvriendje
12. Ferry de Lits - Ejoo ejoo   12. GABRIEL SCAR - DIT IS DE DAG
13. Nonkel Bob - Vrolijke vrienden   13. The Sunsets - Songfestival herinneringen
14. GABRIEL SCAR - DIT IS DE DAG    14. Flip Kowlier - Mo ba nin
15. Carlos Donkers - Ik wil gaan genieten   15. Frans Duijts - Altijd te laat naar bed

Gabriel Scar can also be found on the Accent FM hit parade >

Tomorrow interview with Gabriel Scar on Radio Lorali (Local Radio Limbourg) 

(08/05/2010) - Tomorrow (Sunday 9 May 2010) there will be an interview with Gabriel Scar on Radio Lorali, in Herk-de-Stad (Belgium). You can listen to it, in the surrounding area on the radio frequency 107.5 FM, or online through their own website.
That's, and click on NET-Radio. The interview will be between 14h and 15h.

Last week there was also an interview with Gabriel Scar (by Erik Van Vliet) on a few Dutch stations. It was for Radio Magnifique, LTV FM and Boschtion FM.

Newest member of "Gabriel Scar & The Crazy Musical Animals" !!! 

(08/05/2010) - Since Dirk Beauson (bass player) left the band, because of too many bands in which he was playing, the band was looking for a replacement. There were 5 bass players who reacted immediately. Among them a few people with a good name in show business. Out of these 5 we chose Jochen De Smaele. He is also the bass player for Dean (ex Idols winner in Belgium), and now he's also our new bass player.
We welcome you to the band Jochen.

DIT IS DE DAG (= This is the day) is being played on a lot of local radio stations 

(08/05/2010) - Gabriel Scar's new single DIT IS DE DAG (= This is the day) is starting to get more and more success. He's getting air time on a lot of local radio stations in Flanders (Belgium) and The Netherlands. These radio stations already notified us that they are playing the song:

in Flanders (Belgium):
Accent FM (from Haaltert, internet radio)
Radio Melinda (from Leffinge, prov. of West-Flanders)
Radio Del Sol (from Ninove, prov. of East-Flanders and Flemish-Brabant)
Jouw Radio (from Antwerp, internet radio)
Radio Brouwer (from Oudenaarde, prov. of East-Flanders)
Radio Mfm (from Zottegem and Houtem, prov. of East-Flanders)
Radio Apollo (from Wiekevorst, prov. of Antwerp)
Radio Mi Amigo (from Roeselare, prov. of West-Flanders)
Radio Benelux (from Paal-Beringen and Diest, prov. of Limbourg and Flemish-Brabant)
Radio Lorali (from Herk-de-Stad, prov. of Limbourg)
Radio Polderland (from Waarschoot, prov. of East-Flanders)
Textradio (from Hoegaarden, internet radio)
Gunk TV => during the show of Moerbie (from Antwerp, on Telenet Digital TV)

in The Netherlands:
Radio Magnifique (from Tilburg)
Radio Zwarte Vos (from North-East Friesland)
Radio Onbekend (from the North of the Netherlands)
LTV FM (from Kaatsheuvel)
Boschtion FM (from 's Hertogenbosch)

It's possible that there are more stations that are playing the song, but we were not notified yet.

Gabriel Scar becomes the SUPER TIP at Text Radio !!! 

(30/04/2010) - On Text Radio (= the chart is not made up through the numbers of the sales, but through the votes of the fans. Like that you can vote on the charts itself, but you can also vote for the SUPER TIP. And, Gabriel Scar won that title this week. This with his new single DIT IS DE DAG (= This is the day).

This could be read on the website:
Textradio Nr 1 deze week >>>> Willy Sommers - Vogelvrij
Textradio Supertip deze week >>>> Gabriel Scar - Dit is de dag

Because of this, Gabriel's song automatically goes through to the chart itself. Hopefully the votes will keep on coming.

Gabriel Scar is doing nicely with the downloads !!! 

(29/04/2010) - Gabriel Scar's new single DIT IS DE DAG (= This is the day) is doing very well with the downloads on Belgian Music Online. He's already been on number 1 of the sold songs, since a few days. We need to keep that up for a while.
That way he might get the chance to appear in the Flemish Top 10.

These were the standings today:

Top 5 sold songs:
1. Dit Is De Dag - Gabriel Scar
2. Travelling - Orion Too feat.Caitlin
3. Love Is Gonna Save Me - Spirit
4. So In Love - Orion Too feat.Caitlin
5. You & Me - Orion Too feat.Caitlin

Top 5 sold singles:
1. Halleluja - Natalia & Gabriel Rios
2. Dit Is De Dag - Gabriel Scar
3. Zomerse Verhalen - Raf Van Brussel - Charel en Vinzyman
4. Zot van A - Olli
5. Vlieger voor Fien - Serafien

So, keep on downloading the song, so that he can appear in the Flemish Top 10 and be heard on National radio.

Gabriel Scar replaces a sick Belle Perez during a big event !!! 

(25/04/2010) - Today, Gabriel suddenly got a phone call from Steven St Clayr (the fameous showbiss hairdresser). He was the organiser of a very big event today and tomorrow (25 and 26 April 2010): Shoot Contest 2010. A lot of fameous artists had to perform there. It all took place in the big Alfacam Studio's, in Lint.
1 of them was Belle Perez. But Belle had to cancel her appearence because of her being sick. And, after that, they emmediately asked Gabriel Scar to replace her.
Gabriel thought of this as an honor, and did this with pleasure.

Press about the concert of Gabriel Scar & The Crazy Musical Animals 

(25/04/2010) - ere are some reactions of the press about the concert:
Vlaams Showbizznieuws (= Flemish Showbizz News):

Belgium Online Studio's:
Or on You Tube:

Photo album on Top Of Music:

Gabriel Scar's new single "Dit Is De Dag" (= This Is The Day) is available on download !!! 

(24/04/2010) - Since a few days, Gabriel Scar's new single, namely "Dit Is De Dag" (= This is the day), can be officially downloaded on the site of Belgian Music Online.
And, soon on iTunes.
It's a Dutch cover song of the English song "This is our night", with which the Greek singer Sakis Rouvas became 6th during the Eurovision Songcontest of 2009.
If click this link, you will find the download page for this song:

So, help Gabriel Scar into the Flemish Top 10 by buying his single by download.


(24/04/2010) - "Gabriel Scar & The Crazy Musical Animals" had their big concert debut yesterday, in hall "The 12th Floor" of the Lindner Hotel, in Antwerp.
As promised, it was a spectacular concert. First, there was the surprise act (warming-up act) of female singer Cara. This dance diva warmed up the public with ease. After a very short break, it was the band's (and Gabriel Scar's) turn.
During more than an hour, they had the fans (a few hundred people, in a full 12th Floor) jumping and singing along.
Not only for the fans, but also for the band itself, it was a concert to enjoy to its fullest. Certainly if you've lived towards it, like they did.
There were not only fans there, but also a lot of people from the press and a few fameous persons.
A few examples: Laura Omloop (winner of Junior Eurosong, in Belgium), Ken Baetslé (ex-ENZO) and Gunter Van Campenhout (from Mama's Jasje).
Here you can already find an article about the concert, on the "Vlaamse Muzieksite" (= Flemish Music Site):

And, on this page, you can find the pictures they took:

Through this news message Gabriel Scar and his team would like to thank the fans, the booking agencies, the festival organisations and the colleague artists for coming to the concert. They also thank the partners: Lindner Hotel (Antwerp),, hair disigner team Steven St Clayr, Beauty salon Finesse (Sint-Niklaas), Animal shop Simbel (Willebroek), Air refreshners Rainbow, K&E paint works (Mol) and let's not forget the people of the P.A. (namely Flatliners, from Heffen).

Also thanks to the band members of "The Crazy Musical Animals":
Dirk Beauson (bass)
Toli Bazimas (guitar)
Tom Poppe (guitar and backing)
Bruno Van Bael (drums)
Mark Knuts (keyboards)
Evy Wild (backing)
Iris Lour (backing)

And now off to the next gigs.

The final days before the concert !!! 

(18/04/2010) - As you all know, next Friday is D-day for Gabriel Scar's concert (23 April 2010, at 20h00, doors are open from 19h00). Gabriel Scar and his team are constantly preparing things for the concert, in order to make it spectacular.

Also, in the promotional area, they leave nothing to chance. Gabriel Scar can be seen in different newspapers and on TV channels. And, he can be heard on different radio stations.

That way, Gabriel has already been seen on ATV, TV Limbourg, Gunk TV and Ment TV. Also, a short promotional clip has been made for the concert:

There were articles about him in Gazet of Antwerp and Passe-Partout. You can read these articles on the photo site, in the media part:
If more articles appear, they will also be available there. We are expecting more articles this week, namely in the following newspapers: Het Nieuwsblad, De Streekkrant and Publi-News.

In the radio department, Gabriel could be heard, yesterday, on Radio Brouwer, in Oudenaarde (Belgium). In the show called Brouwers Actua. The pictures can also be found on the photo site.

Gabriel could also be heard on the national radio channel MNM this week, namely on Wednesday 14 Arpil. In the morning show of host Bart, they asked him about his opinion about the fact that Unizo wanted to scratch the meal cheques. He used this opportunity to do some promotional work for his concert.

From now on, it's counting down to the concert.

Gabriel Scar very busy in newspapers and on TV (Ment TV, Gazet of Antwerp and Passe-Partout) 

(11/04/2010) - Gabriel Scar is very busy in the media these days.
On Monday 12 April there will be an article (about himself, his concert and single) that will appear in the Gazet of Antwerp, in the region of Mechelen-Lier. Apparently on page 73. Later this week, there will also be an article in that same newpaper, in the region of Antwerp itself.

This week, there will also be an article in the newspaper Passe-Partout.
It can also be read on

Gabriel Scar can also be seen on TV this week. In the week of April 9th (at this moment) Gabriel can be seen in 2 shows.
Both on the same digital channel (on Telenet Digital). Namely on Ment TV. In the shows called "Kurt Alive" and "The Red Box".
In both shows his colleague guests are Zaki and Annelien Coorevits. Kurt Willem (formely known from Big Brother) is the host.

Gabriel Scar on Gunk TV (and radio) 

(11/03/2010) - Last night, Gabriel was a guest in the radio and TV show "Dirk Moerman Live Radio", on the Telenet Digital network Gunk TV (of Frank Molnar). It was a funny conversation, and Gabriel Scar sang 2 live songs. "Lightning Love" and "Dit is de dag" (= This is the day). The show was live on television. This was between 23h00 and 01h00, last night. It got late, but Gabriel didn't really mind that, because of the fun interview.

Gabriel Scar guest at TVL  

(09/03/2010) - Today, Gabriel Scar was a guest at TVL (TV Limbourg, in Belgium). He was the central musical guest during the program Studio TVL. Gabriel would like to take this oppertunity to thank the people of TVL for the great reception and the P.A. quality that was superb. It was fun interview, with old TV images of Gabriel in it, but also with images of Tom Dice and Sakis Rouvas.
It seemed that Sakis Rouvas, the Greek singer who sang the original song (This is our night) on which "Dit is de dag" was based, was a guest there once too. Gabriel's new single "Dit is de dag" (= This is the day), which will soon be available, seems to be falling into the grace of a lot of people.
Gabriel Scar brought 2 live songs in the studio, namely "Lightning Love" and "Dit is de dag".

Gabriel Scar is guest at Ment TV  

(22/02/2010) - Gabriel Scar was a guest in the studio's of the digital channel Ment TV for an interview today.
It was a very pleasant interview. With Kurt Willem as talkshow host, and with Zaki and Annelien Coorevits as the other guests.
During the program the videoclip of Lightning Love will be shown, and at the end of it, there will be concert tickets to be won.
Keep an eye on Ment TV in the coming weeks, because the program will be shown an entire week, when it comes on the air.

Gabriel Scar 2nd time on ATV  

(15/02/2010) - Gabriel Scar was already a guest on ATV in October 2009. With Pieter Loridon as central guest.
This time you were able to see him on the Antwerp regional television again. On the 15th of February 2010.
It was a very nice interview with Lindsay Bervoets as the talkshow hostess on Day-TV, with singer Jessy as central guest.
Like last time, we were received very well and after the interview Gabriel Scar sang a live version of his upcoming Dutch single "Dit is de dag" (= This is the day). You can watch the images of the interview and the performance on the website of ATV itself.

Gabriel Scar's first big showcase concert !!!  

(11/02/2010) - Friday evening, 23 April 2010 (starting 20h00), Gabriel Scar will have his first big showcase concert. This, together with his own live band "The Crazy Musical Animals".
This concert will take place in a four star hotel, on the upper level. Hall "The 12th Floor", of the Lindner Hotel & City Lounge (Antwerp), is a very beautiful and special location.
It will be a fantastic poprock concert, with a mix of selfwritten songs and covers. We're expecting you there.
Tickets and info: +32 (0)499 43 52 63.
The hotel is situated next to the central train station of Antwerp, on the Lange Kievitstraat 125. At the side of this hotel (in the Van Immerseelstraat) there is also a underground parking garage.