2009: X-ion in Concert (with Gabriel Scar).

In early 2009, the full-album of X-ion will be launched (date, time and place soon to come) during a big concert.  And, Gabriel Scar will be the warming-up act.  So, certainly note this in your agenda.

Don't forget, at this moment, the single "The Sign" by X-ion is still available in the shops of ExtraZone and is legally downloadable on www.belgianmusiconline.be.
And, in December, a new single by him (a ballad this time) is expected.

Download "The Sign" from X-ion .

The single "The Sign" from X-ion is not just for sale at ExtraZone but you can also legally download the single from http://www.belgianmusiconline.be

Gabriel Scar supports collegue artist X-ion.

The single of X-ion, named "The Sign", is available in the shops of ExtraZone as of now.  Gabriel Scar wants to support this singer, who already had some hit songs in Latin America, and now wants to be launched in the hit parades in Flanders (and maybe also some other countries).

X-ion, and his management, also see something in Gabriel Scar, and want to help Gabriel make it in showbusiness.  But then X-ion's career has to be launched first.

It has become a fantastic song.  You can find more information on www.x-ion.be and on the Belgian National TV channel, called VTM, a commercial will be launched.  For the moment you can already buy the single (at 3 euro 99) in the shops of ExtraZone, and soon, normally, also as downloads on the internet (like i-tunes).  Hopefully Free Record Shop will also follow.

Advice from Gabriel Scar: "Certainly listen to it once and buy it, it's definately worth it. You also help me by it, indirectly."

Gabriel Scar has grown from G-SCAR

The original artist name of Gabriel Scar was G-SCAR.  He used this name as a singer since February 2004 (the start of his singing career), and even 6 years before that among friends.  He used this name until June 2008.

Suddenly, there was the arrival of a letter, coming from the clothing giant "G-Star Raw" (actually Gap-Star Raw).  They wanted him to stop the use of his artist name immediately.  Gunther went looking for advice near different lawyers and judges, and they all told him the same thing.  Namely, that he had a certainty of 99% for winning this case, because the names had completely different meanings, and because they were in a completely different branch.  But, large corporations like that, with so many lawyers, would certainly stretch the lawsuit.  Going into appeal, failure in procedures, etc.  Until the moment that you, as a common man, don't have enough money anymore to pay off the judicial costs, and you have to drop the lawsuit.  That way they would get what they want, without ever having to win the case.

Luckely, there were some new people who wanted to support Gunther, among them was Palm 3 Events.  Gunther then talked about it with his mentors and they came to the decision to change the name after all.  Also because there might be some big, new projects awaiting.  After some brainstorming the name Gabriel Scar arose.

"Scar" for the big scar on his left leg.  He got this from a heavy accident during a cycling race in Bornem, Belgium (he's from the same generation as Tom Boonen and Gert Steegmans).  Gabriel Scar had a triple open fracture to his leg.

"Gabriel" for his tough looks on stage and on pictures, but his golden heart.  "Just like an angel inside", his friends and family would always say.  That's why they chose the name of the archangel Gabriel.

"Gabriel Scar" as opposites.  Gabriel for the soft side and Scar for the tough side.

We look into the future with the new artist name Gabriel Scar we hope we will be able to welcome you on his upcoming shows.