Gabriel Scar’s song SWEET LITTLE VICTORY in hit parades

(08/08/2012) - Sweet Little Victory has been in the hit parades, of different radio stations, for several weeks. Here you can find a short list:

- Textradio Top 15 : 1 week as super tip / 3 weeks 14th / 2 weeks 13th / 1 week 11th / 1 week 7th / 2 weeks 6th /
1 week 5th / 2 weeks 4th / 1 week 3rd. (Total 14 weeks in the top).

- 2 Minutes Show on Pinguin Radio (Holland)  : 1 week on number 2 / 3 weeks on number 1. (Total 4 weeks in top).

- XME-Radio Top 25 : 25th => 20th => 9th => 3rd => 2nd (you can still vote here). (Total 5 weeks in top).

SWEET LITTLE VICTORY is being played on radio stations all over the world

(08/08/2012) - Gabriel Scar’s new single SWEET LITTLE VICTORY is doing well on the radio stations.  Following stations have played or are playing it:

- Belgium: Duvel Radio, Webradio VIP, Textradio, Radio Apollo, Radio Wim Mees, Spits FM, Radio TOS, Webradio Flamingo, Hitstudio 24, Radio Media, VBRO 2, Accent FM, Studio 22, AVO FM, B Hot Radio, XME-Radio, RBS Radio, Radio Star, Webradio Arcan, Radio Rona, Radio Polderland, Radio Holiday, België FM, Evenementenradio RSJ, Antwerpen FM, Radio P.R.O.S., Canal 44, Melodie FM en Radio Quartz.

- the Netherlands : Counter FM, Team FM, Radio Delta Internationaal, Radio MagnifiQue, Boschtion FM, Talentcast, Talentradio, Pinguin Radio, Join In Radio, Bazaar Radio, Surfradio, Ede FM, Radio RDL, LTV3, Terneuzen FM en You See Radio.

- United Kingdom : The Fresh Unsigned Show, Brick FM, 6 Towns Radio, Canalside Community Radio, CY4Y Radio, Radio Basingstoke, Radio UK International en Covent Garden Radio.

- New Zealand : West Coast Radio.

- South Africa : VOW FM.

- Spain : Radio Costa International.

- Russia: Sweetlife Radio.

- World: World Talents Radio.

Let’s hope more radio stations will follow. The single is also connected with the good cause Muco Hopes. Part of the winnings of the sales on i-Tunes will go to this cause.

Support Gabriel Scar in the final of Gum TV and Sonic Angel competition for record contract on 4th of April !!! 

(25/03/2012) - Gabriel Scar has placed himself into the final of the competition “Gum TV & Sonic Angel 2012 Talent Search Contest”, as 5th artist. The winner will receive, among other things, a record contract with Sonic Angel (where a.o. Tom Dice resides). The final will be on Wednesday evening, the 4th of April 2012 (that also happens to be Gabriel’s birthday), in the NOXX (, in Antwerp.

Apparently, the public that will be at the final will be able to vote for the winner of that evening.
That’s why it would be good that as much people as possible would come and support Gabriel that evening.
If you want to come and support him, then you can get your tickets in the shops of Fnac and Free Record Shop.
Or you can order them online on

The normal price for a ticket is 8 euro. You can keep the price lower with a group ticket (for 8 people) for 50 euro.
There are also VIP tickets for sale, but they are already at 35 euro.

Hopefully a lot of you will come and support him !!!

New single Gabriel Scar has been released and is called SWEET LITTLE VICTORY !!! 

(12/03/2012) - Gabriel Scar’s new single is available on i-Tunes since the 12th of March.

The song has been written by the well known Brittish composer Paul Tony Longland.Hopefully you can help Gabriel by downloading the single and get him into the ultratop charts.
On the single there are 2 versions of the song.  The normal pop/rock version and a PT remix (for dance lovers).  You can download the songs separately for 0,99 euro.  But you can also download the
complete single, so the 2 songs, for the price of 1,98 euro.