Gabriel Scar's songs go international !!!

(30/05/2018) - Gabriel Scar's songs have been getting airplay on radio stations in Australia, USA, England, Belgium and the Netherlands, in the past few months. Among them were different FM radio stations, so not only internet radio stations. It's fun for them that their music can be heared in different countries around the world.

Gabriel Scar's music can be found on Spotify from now on !!!

(19/05/2018) - Gabriel Scar is happy to announce that their debut album "Oceans Of Sound" can be found on Spotify from today.  After that it is already available on iTunes, Google Play Store and CD Baby.  Other music will still follow in the future.

Gabriel Scar's song "Coming Out Of Darkness" in an English hit parade !!!

(11/05/2018) - Gabriel Scar has rotated a few weeks in the Radio Indie Alliance Top 10, that aires on Belter Radio (United Kingdom).  A 10th, 7th and 4th place came out of this.  Under this article you will find the list of when the 4th place was gotten:


Song of Gabriel Scar entered the top 15 of an Australian radio station in 6th place !!!

(07/12/2017) - The song "Hello Princess, Hello Angel", of Gabriel Scar, entered the top 15 of the program Sweet Sunday Sounds, that is aired on the Australian radio stations Valley FM 89.5 and Banks Radio, this week in 6th place. It is an honour to also get appreciated at the other side of the world. 😊 Below you will find a picture with the entire top 15.

GABRIEL SCAR has a new lead guitar player !!!

(29/10/2017) - Gabriel Scar has found a new lead guitar player and a new rehearsal room, after a big search. The new rehearsals will happen in Waasmunster (East-Flanders, Belgium) and we are very happy to let you know that our new lead guitar player Jan Gijsels has joined our band. Welcome Jan!!! The band is complete again, and we are going for it again.

GABRIEL SCAR makes dance side-step with Dutchman, DJ Rinaldo Montezz.

(21/09/2017) - Gabriel Scar has risked a side-step in music. For once they made a different type of song than the pop/rock they normally bring. This was on request of a Dutch DJ. Rinaldo Montezz is his name. The result is "THE WIND IN MY HAIR". You can watch and listen to the video clip here:

Song of GABRIEL SCAR will appear in series on national TV !!!

(11/02/2017) - GABRIEL SCAR's song, that has the name HELLO PRINCESS, HELLO ANGEL, has been chosen by Zodiac Belgium, the VRT and to be in the new Ketnet series "De Regel van 3s" (= The Rule of Dries).  This will happen in the 20th episode of this new series.

GABRIEL SCAR has started working together with a 3rd artist agency

(30/07/2016) - After 2 booking agencies in Belgium, Book A Band (Flemish-Brabant) and CP-Music (Antwerp/Campine),
GABRIEL SCAR is now also working together with DBM Media & Artist Agency, that has its official base of operations in 
Lamswaarde, in the Netherlands.
But they also have a strong connection with the Belgian province of East-Flanders.  
Bookings can now also go through 

GABRIEL SCAR welcomes new band members !!!

(25/02/2016) - After that Tom Tas (lead guitar) and Diether Mergits (rhythm guitar) left the band, both because of time shortage, GABRIEL SCAR was busy looking for replacements.
They have been found.
Eric Brown, a Dutch man who lives in Belgium, will become the new lead guitar player, and for the role of rhythm guitar we have found Andy Vercammen, who comes to strengthen the band.
The band can now start rehearsing on full speed again, so that we can welcome you soon on new performances.

Greetings from Gunther Huyghe (a.k.a. Gabriel Scar), Karel De Vos, Johan Saenen, Eric Brown and Andy Vercammen.

GABRIEL SCAR got some awards for HEAVEN'S ON ITS WAY !!!

(15/09/2015) - GABRIEL SCAR received some awards for the clip and the song HEAVEN'S ON ITS WAY. They got it form Check it out on this picture:

You can also watch the clip here (put it on 1080 HD first, if your computer can handle it):

GABRIEL SCAR will be artist/band of the month !!! !

(01/09/2015) - GABRIEL SCAR will be , for the entire month of September, the "Artist/band of the month",
on Best Music Radio (, in the Netherlands.  Every day of that month, every DJ
will play a song of GABRIEL SCAR during their program.  Certainly worth it to take a listen.

Guitar player change at GABRIEL SCAR

(25/08/2015) - Lead guitar player Tom Tas had to leave the band because of an agenda that got too busy, with all his live projects, that he had running. A pitty. We wish him a lot of success, now and in the future. Let the agenda stay nice and filled.

We already found a worthy replacement in the person of Eric Brown. We already welcome him to GABRIEL SCAR. His biography will apear on the website very soon.

GABRIEL SCAR on Russian TV and in Russian newspaper !!!

(13/06/2015) - ABRIEL SCAR was on Russian TV and in a Russian newspaper recently. The article and the TV reportage were made about Ivy Cavana, his wife and also a singer. And of course Gabriel Scar was in this too. .

This is the reportage on Life News:
This also, but with news anker:

And this is the newspaper:

Video clip of GABRIEL SCAR get's awards !!!

(01/05/2015) - The selfmade video clip of GABRIEL SCAR, from the song BEACON OF YOUR GREEN EYES, has received 2 awards on the website of A silver award for a "high quality original video with good production values" and a bronze award for a "well written original song". You can check out the awards here:

GABRIEL SCAR launches new single with first selfmade video clip !!!

(01/05/2015) - On the 1st of May, the Belgian pop/rock formation, GABRIEL SCAR launched the new summer single BEACON OF YOUR GREEN EYES with a selfmade video clip. You can watch the clip here:

GABRIEL SCAR is working together with booking agency Book A Band !!!

(17/11/2014) - Gabriel Scar is working together, for bookings, with booking agency Book A Band (
So, if you are interested in booking Gabriel Scar, certainly contact them.

The advertising of the album OCEANS OF SOUND is going pretty smoothly.

(06/11/2014) - A little list of everything that happened until now:

News articles:

* Flemish-Showbizznews:
* Gazet of Antwerp: see below 
* Publi News: see below 
* Frontview Magazine:

Radio stations who are playing songs of the album:

- Fame Music Radio:  (all the songs of the album)
- Radio Pretoria:  (Lacrimosa = duet with Ivy Cavana)
- Rhodes Music Radio:  (Hello Princess, Hello Angel + Lacrimosa)

- Radio Apollo:  (all the songs of the album)
- Hit-Radio FM:  (all the songs of the album)
- Studio 22:  (all the songs of the album)
- Radio Wim Mees:  (all the songs of the album)
- Radio Star:  (Hello Princess, Hello Angel + Lacrimosa)
- Textradio:  (Hello Princess, Hello Angel + Lacrimosa)
- Radio Spes:  (Heaven's On It's Way)
- Radio Maria:  (Heaven's On It's Way)

- MGA FM:  (all the songs of the album)

Hopefully there will be more radio stations following.

Interview on South African radio !!!

(18/10/2014) - Sunday 19 October 2014, at 16:00, Gabriel Scar and his wife Ivy Cavana will have an interview on the South African radio station
They will not only be talking about the debut album and new single of Gabriel Scar, but also about the debut single of Ivy Cavana, the duet LACRIMOSA, with Gabriel Scar.

Debut album GABRIEL SCAR has been launched !!!

(01/10/2014) - The debut album of Gabriel Scar, which they gave the name OCEANS OF SOUND, has been launched on 1 October 2014 on iTunes, Google Play and CD Baby. After different months of hard work he, and his band, succeeded in making their first full album. You can officially download it (this means that it will count for the hit parades of Ultratop) via:

- iTunes:
- Google Play:
- Ultratop:
Together with this album a new single, called HELLO PRINCESS, HELLO ANGEL, has been launched.
You can also download it through the same channels:
- iTunes:
- Google Play:
- Ultratop:,-Hello-Angel

GABRIEL SCAR on summer tour with "Story FM at the sea"

(06/07/2014) - GABRIEL SCAR got into the final (with the final 10) of the competition "Story FM Talent 2014". Because of this he can perform during the summer tour of Story FM. He wil perform every time, together with his guitar player Tom Tas (suspended T), 1 live and acoustic song.
Their performance will be between 19h00 and 19h30 every time, on these dates and places:

- 16 July: Sea dike (where the turtle used to stand) in NIEUWPOORT (Belgium)
- 17 July: Staf Versluys centre in BREDENE (Belgium)
- 30 July: Sea dike (where the turtle used to stand) in NIEUWPOORT (Belgium)
- 5 August: Epernay square + sea dike in MIDDELKERKE (Belgium)
- 13 August: Sea dike in OOSTDUINKERKE
- 21 August: Staf Versluys centre in BREDENE (Belgium) (with the announcement of the winner of the Story FM Talent 2014 competition)

There will also be performances of fameous Belgian artists like Robby Longo, Swoop,
The Romeo's, Lindsay and Sasha and Davy.

Busy with the mixing of the full CD

(04/07/2014) - We are busy with the mixing of the recordings of our full CD.
It's starting to flow nicely into each other now.
Now we will first finish the mixing, and after that mastering and pressing.
We are still on schedual to release the album in September.

Recordings Full CD are going smoothly!

(15/04/2014) - The recordings of GABRIEL SCAR's first Full CD are going smoothly.
Instrumentally almost everything has been recorded, with exception of a few synths, accoustic guitars and things like that. Johan Saenen is now busy with the premixes.
After that, presumably the beginning of June 2014, the vocals will be recorded, in the studio of Pete's Mushroomland, in Lokeren (Belgium).

The plan is to have the CD ready by September 2014.