Gabriel Scar singing Christmas songs.

Recently you could find, nationwide, a CD (with text booklet) with Christmans songs in the newspaper HET NIEUWSBLAD.
All the songs are performed by a childrens choir.  Sometimes they had some grown up support.  One of them was Gabriel Scar.

He sang 4 of the 22 songs.  So, everyone who wants to hear Gabriel sing something else than the usual, you certainly need to order it.

You can order it at "De Standaard" or by going to  It costs 6 euro 99.
It's a fun Christmas CD to listen to yourself, or to sing along with your children or grandchildren.
Also when you work with children, this can be something fun.

Gabriel Scar will perform during FRIETROCK 2009 (= French Fries Rock), for Music For Life.

Gabriel Scar will perform for a half hour on saturday 5 December 2009, at 21h30.  This will be in the deep frying establishment Den Biesakker, Wechelsebaan 19, 2275 LILLE (Belgium).

This performance is a part of FRIETROCK 2009 (= French Fries Rock 2009).  More information on

Just like a lot of fameous artists, Gabriel Scar will perform in a deep frying establishment for a good cause.  Music For Life.  The good cause of the national radio station Studio Brussel. The organisation is in the hands of "the week of the french fries", Studio Brussel and MNM.

Hopefully you will come and listen, and grab a bite to eat.  It will certainly be cosy.

There's a lot of things happening for Gabriel Scar these months.

Indeed, there are a lot of things happening around Gabriel Scar in the coming months.
Let's make a summary:

- A lot of hard work is going into his 2nd single CD, that will be very surprising.  For a lot of people he will bring something very unexpected.
- Also a lot of work and talk is going into a possible full album for Gabriel Scar.  So hopefully this will all come to a fantastic end.
- This is not the only studio time that Gabriel is going through these days.  He's also recording a song, that he wants to send in for Eurosong. Not in Belgium naturally, because the choice is already made there.  But Gabriel doesn't want to leave it at that. That's why his management wants to try the grand aproach.  They want to try and send it in to all the countries in Europe, and wait what the reactions will be.
- Gabriel Scar also started his own band.  They will support him during live shows and they are all prepared to go all the way for this project. The band has been baptised "The Crazy Musical Animals".  The name of the live project will therefor be "Gabriel Scar & The Crazy Musical Animals".
- There are plans for a big showcase concert in the period of February-March 2010.

Soon there will be more to read about these things on the website, so keep your eye on the site.

Gabriel Scar 2nd place on TEXTRADIO SUMMER HIT 2009 !!! (in front of some famous artists in Belgium).

This week, the last recordings for Textradio Summer 2009 have taken place.  This was the 4th summer season with famous Flemish artists in the studio.  Just like last year there was also the handing out of the Textradio Summer Hit Award.

This is the voting result:
1. The Djembe Prince (ZakaWaka) 1231 votes
2. Gabriel Scar (Lightning Love) 1161 votes
3. Dean (View Divine) 1024 votes
4. Christoff (Miljonair) 1005 votes
5. Anja Yelles (Handen Omhoog!) 891 votes
6. Hanny-D (Comment Cava) 712 votes

The Award show can be listened to during the coming broadcast of the final show of Textradio Summer 2009 (of this season), starting on Friday 28 August, at 21h00 online.  (News report + broadcast itself will be coming on the website  You can listen to it several times during that week, every day, until Friday 4 September 2009.  Gabriel Scar will be performing live during this show.  They will also interview him (together with his drummer Bruno “The Animal” Van Bael).

Gabriel Scar and Triple-S go their own ways.

Since about a week, Gabriel Scar and Triple-S went their own musical ways. This, because of circumstances and a few differences in opinion involving their music. Gabriel Scar wishes all the best to Triple-S for the future and will certainly come and see them during some of their shows

Gabriel, himself, is working hard to form his own accompanying band, which is almost complete. 28 September 2009, in Louvain, during the first rehearsal of the band, there will be auditions for the 2 guitarist vacancies.
After that, the band will be complete.

Coming winter they will be working hard on the repertoire and on advertising, so that they can start performing in 2010. You will not only be able to book Gabriel Scar "Live on tape" (which is already possible), but also with his band.
And this, starting December 2009 - January 2010.

Hopefully we will see you soon, and if you want to book Gabriel, feel free to contact VDB Entertainment Group in following ways:

GSM: 0032 (0) 499 43 52 63
Tel.: 0032 (0) 3 336 60 07

1st number 1 for Gabriel Scar (with Lightning Love)

Textradio Summer - Show 7 Each day 07h,10h,14h,18h,21h & 00h (starting Friday 7 August 2009)

DTW = This week / LW = Last week

Number 1 (after 5 weeks in top 15): 








Gabriel Scar

Lightning Love   

went up




Foreign Affair  

went down



The Djembe Prince


went up



Anny & Jose

Be My Baby

went up




Het Is Zomer 

went down



Milk Inc


went down




Ik lig nog steeds van jou te dromen              

went up



Tom Dice

Bleeding Love




Laura Lynn

In vuur en vlam 



- -

D Bovie & R Fox ft Nelson

Love Me






went down




Release Me

went up



Niels Destadsbader

Jij bent van mij  

went down



Kate Ryan


went down


- -

Charly L & M Theo

Wonderful Days 2009


SUPERTIP:  Get Ready  - Diep 2009

Lightning Love keeps on scoring !!!

Lightning Love was already downloadable on, now it's also downloadable on iTunes.
So, keep on downloading !!!

There are also a few extra local radio stations that are playing the song.  The new stations are: Radio Apollo (from Wiekevorst), Radio Touring (from Tienen), Radio Club FM (from Hove) and Radio Polderland (from Waarschoot).

Gabriel Scar (with Triple-S) is the BIG WINNER in the TV music program MUZIEKTOPPERS (Music Toppers) !!!

Gabriel Scar is (together with his band Triple-S) the first big winner of the competition "1 of the 3", in the music program Muziektoppers.  He won 3 competitions in a row, cfr. episode 2 (against "Steve Tielens" and "Silk"), episode 3 (against "Nathalie Tané" and "Axelle") and episode 5 (against "Nite Spirit" and "Heart & Soul").  There was no competition in episode 4.  During the competitions Gabriel could only bring one minute of his song "Lightning Love". 

Now, as the big winner, he will be able to bring his complete song, "Lightning Love", during episode 6.  This among the fameous national and international artists.  This is a big honour for him.  So, starting Friday 24th July 2009 (19h10), you can watch episode 6 of Muziektoppers on S-Television (Telenet Digital of TV Flanders). It will repeated on that chain during the next 2 weeks. The ones who don't have Telenet Digital or TV Flanders can watch it on They only have to inscribe themselves on the site for free. Plus, the number 1000 inscriber receives a prize. They will be invited to the recordings of Muziektoppers as VIP. They will be able to walk among the fameous stars.

For interested people:  The single "Lightning Love" is still available on

A few new local radio stations are playing "Lightning Love"

A few new local stations and internet stations are playing Gabriel Scar's new single (Lightning Love). These are the names:
- Radio Pajottenland (Galmaarden) and Radio P.R.O.S. (Denderhoutem) in Flanders (Belgium).
- Boschtion FM ('s Hertogenbosch) and LTV FM (internet) in the Netherlands.

Lightning Love goes international. :-)

Single "Lightning Love" is downloadable !!!

The debut single, that has been long expected, of Gabriel Scar is finally there. As you may already have known, it's the song "Lightning Love". It's a modern sounding pop-rock song, with a hint towards the sound of pop-rock from the 70s and 80s.  If you would like to buy him, then you can already download the single as MP3. You can find it at (and soon also at iTunes if everything goes well). In August there will also be talks with some stores, in order to sell them there too. 

After every show it's also possible to buy the single, off course.  And you can have Gabriel sign them too.
See to it that you don't miss this summer breeze rock song!!!

The single can already be heard on a lot of local radio stations and internet radio stations:  Thals FM, City Gold, VBRO, Randstad FM, Stadsradio M, Accent FM, Radio Atlantis, Textradio (van 2BE en Jim-TV), FM Goud, Radio P.R.O.S., Lokale Radio Maaseik and Radio Valencia. And even on Radio Onbekend in the Netherlands. Hopefully more will be coming and the big stations will follow.

Gabriel Scar already wins 2 shows of Muziektoppers !!!

Gabriel Scar has already won the "1 of the 3" part, of the TV show Muziektoppers, twice.  (First against Steve Tielens and Silk, after that against Axelle and Nathalie Tané). Starting Friday 10 July 2009 (19h10) he will appear in his 3rd and final competition, this time against Nite Spirit and Heart And Soul. After that the viewers can vote during 1 week, until 17 July 2009. If he wins again, then he is the big winner of this competition, because if you win 3 in a row you come back and bring your complete song in the show after that. For him that would be on 24 July 2009, with his complete song (Lightning Love), between all the stars in the show. Both shows (10 and 24 July) have been recorded in Bobbejaanland.

So hopefully you will vote for Gabriel Scar (and his band Triple-S) starting 10 July. You can vote in 3 different ways:

1) 10 July (or during 1 of the repetitions that week) with the red button, if you are watching the show (Muziektoppers) on S-Television (Telenet Digital).
2) 1 FREE vote per e-mail address, if you're watching the show by the website (there you can watch all the shows and vote for free, if you subscribe yourself for free).
3) Voting by sms (1 euro per sms). If you're watching by TV or website, you will see the letter (and what you need to sms) appearing on the bottom of the screen when Gabriel Scar is singing. 
But please, wait with smsing until you've seen the images of Gabriel Scar in Bobbejaanland (outdoors), so that you can't mix up with the images (and the letter) of the Kokorico (indoors). Because it could be another letter this time, that you have to sms. And then you could be supporting another artist, without wanting that.

Anyway, a super thank you to you already !!!

Single CD "Lightning Love" out soon !!!

The long expected debut single of Gabriel Scar will be out soon.
It will be the song "Lightning Love" about love at first sight, and the fact that you shoudn't go looking for love, but should to go with the flow.
A selfwritten song for which Gabriel worked together with the composers John Meulemeester and Guido Sergooris.
So keep an eye on this site for more news about the single.

Videoclip for "Lightning Love" has been recorded !!!

Gabriel Scar, working together with his band Triple-S and the girl acting with him in the clip Mart De Moor, has recorded a videoclip for his, soon to come, single "Lightning Love".  For all of them it was a first experience with this.  Logistical help came from Carlo Huyghe, perparation and producing by Sammy Van den Bergh, film making by the firm Videac.  Around midday food was supplied by sandwich bar 't Hoekske (Melaan, in Mechelen).  So special thanks to them all.

Also thanks to the people who helped me get the locations in Willebroek (industial building) and in Mechelen (Grote Markt and Wollemarkt).
Here, you can also find a TV report about the making of the videoclip:

Filmed by the people of

The videoclip and the single will both be for sale soon.  We will keep you posted.  Hopefully soon to be seen and heard on the big music channels.

First victory GABRIEL SCAR on Muziektoppers !!!

Gabriel Scar has won the competition "1 van de 3" for the first time on Muziektoppers (second episode)!!! He, together with Triple S, would like to thank everyone who voted the past few days. It wouldn't have been possible without your support!!!
So a very big THANK YOU and hopefully you'll be voting again next time !
Because if Gabriel Scar could win the next round, he and Triple S will be able to perform in Bobbejaanland for the new recordings of the show

It won't be easy because they are up againts the though competition of Axelle (who was the support act of Nathalia in Antwerp Sportpaleis) and Nathalie Tané (who could become the new Laura Lynn), but we're counting on you support and votes!!!

After the next episode (on 12th june 2009) you can start voting again.
So keep checking this site for all the latest news and the new voting codes!

VOTE FOR GABRIEL SCAR on "Muziektoppers" !!!

You can see Gabriel Scar, this Friday 22nd May 2009, at 19h15, on a new music TV show on S-Television (Telenet Digital).
This, together with his band Triple-S, but under the name Gabriel Scar.  The program is called "Muziektoppers" (= Music Toppers)

Gabriel can be seen in a part of the program called "1 van de 3" (= one out of 3).  That's a part of the program where 3 less known artists (because the rest of the program is built around fameous artists in different styles of music) each get one minute to bring their song.  After that, the public can start voting by televoting (if they have Telenet Digital), by sms (as much as they want to) or through the website (you can only vote once there).  Voting starts from 22nd May, at 20h00, until the 30th May.  The one that wins can return the show after that to compete against 2 other candidates. If you win 3 shows in a row, you can bring the complete song in the show after that, between the fameous stars in the show.

So, the question is, please vote for Gabriel Scar. By televoting if you can look at the program by Telenet Digital or TV Flanders, on S-Television.
Or by one of the ways that everyone can vote. By sms for example. Send the message S MT B in an sms to the number 3108 starting 22nd May, from 20h00.
Pay attention, it costs 1 euro for every sms you send and for every sms you receive.  You can sms as much as you want.
You can also make 1 vote through the website if you make yourself a member for free. Then you can also watch the show on the website, so you can see me perform on stage. ;-)

Already a very big thanks to you!!!

Gabriel Scar's song "Save Our World" is the theme song for an environmental campaign !!!

The song "Save Our World", written by Gabriel Scar and John Meulemeester, will be used as theme song for the campaign concerning environmentally correct producing, within the company Zeelandia. They make bakery products and so on.

It's a very big company and the song will be heard in all its establishments, in more than 80 countries.

Wednesday 25th march: X-ion in Concert (with Gabriel Scar)

Gabriel Scar will be performing as warming-up act of the fameous artist X-ion, on Wednesday 25 March 2009.
The concert will take place in "De Zuiderkroon", in Antwerp. And, it will start at 20h15. Certainly put this date in your agenda.
Liliane St-Pierre will also be performing some songs as supporting act of the concert.

Tickets are already available on (or by calling 0032 (0)70/25 20 20 by telephone). Prices are 22 euro, 17 euro and 15 euro.
Telenet customers can buy the tickets with reduction prices by following this link:

They can buy them at these prices:  17,50 euro, 13,50 euro and 12 euro

Hopefully we will see you at the concert.