Wednesday 11 July 2018
- place:  At the Vuurtorenplein, Blanckenberge (Belgium).
- time:  13:00
- info:  Gabriel Scar will perform 4 songs solo live-on-tape during this 1st Beach Wheelchair Fair in Europe.


Sunday 15 January 2017
- place:  Radio River Land, Klein-Willebroek
- time:  Between 10:00 and 12:30
- info:  GABRIEL SCAR will be interviewed and the will play some songs of the album OCEANS OF SOUND.
You can listen, in the region (Klein-Brabant, Vaartland, Rupel area and Mechelen), on 104.9 FM, but you can also listen from the website  "http://randstadfm.be/rivierenland/luister-live.html 

Tuesday 28 March 2017
- place:  Canalside Radio (North East Cheshire, England)
- time:  23:30 until 01:00 (Belgian time)
- info:  Gabriel Scar, and guitar player Eric Brown, will play 2 live acoustic songs on the radio, by Skype connection.
They will also be interviewed and two more songs will be played from the album OCEANS OF SOUND. You can listen in the area of North East Cheshire (England) on 102.8 FM or everywhere else streaming on canalsideradio.net.
The program is called "Artistic Echoes", by Mike Chisholm.

Friday 28 April 2017
- place:  Hall Casino, Groene Laan 3, 283 Willebroek (Belgium)
- time:  22:00 until 22:45
- info:  Gabriel Scar (the entire band) will perform there during the festival "Local Heroes 2017" and the opening of the touristical season in Willebroek.  It's part of a musical journey through Willebroek.  In different places artists will be performing, but every time an artist will stop at the time another one will start, in another location.  For Gabriel Scar it's also the first performance with the 2 new guitar players.  Apparently, there will also be a presentation of a beer from the region.

Saturday 3 June 2017
- place:  Wasabi FM, in Zwevegem (BELGIUM)
- time:  between 14:00 and 17:00
- info:  Gabriel Scar will be interviewed in the program "Young, Wild and Free" and about 4 songs will be played.

Tuesday 13 June 2017
- place:  Radio Benelux, Deurnestraat 3, 3583 PAAL-BERINGEN (Belgium)
- time:  20:00 until 21:00
- info:  GABRIEL SCAR (the complete band) will perform here during the Durango Sessions of Radio Benelux.  They will give a short live performance of about a half hour.  You can go watch in the cantine or listen live on the radio on 106.4 FM (in the region around Beringen) or streaming on radiobenelux.be 

Sunday 25 June 2017
- place:   Radio Kompas (Diksmuide / Koekelare, BELGIUM)
- time: between 10h00 and 12h00
- info:   Gabriel Scar will be interviewed, and about 3 songs of them will be played, on Radio Kompas. People from the region around Diksmuide and Koekelare will be able to listen on the normal radio on 105.8 FM. Other can also listen on the live stream on their website: radiokompas.eu 

Monday 26 June 2017
- place:   Aalst BELGIUM)
- time: private happening
- info:   Gabriel Scar will sing 3 songs solo (live-on-tape) during the year-info-meeting of Eandis.