Gabriel Scar in the TOP 100 of Textradio with his 2 singles !!! 

(30/12/2011) - Textradio ( had their 5 year anniversary this year and they broadcasted a TOP 100 (of the past 5 years) for that occasion. The listeners could vote for that TOP 100. And, apparently, Gabriel’s 2 singles are in it (among a lot of fameous songs).

- LIGHTNING LOVE was on the 11th place in the TOP 100
- DIT IS DE DAG was on the 72nd place in the TOP 100

So we really thank the listeners of Textradio for voting.

You will also be able to hear Gabriel Scar, with DIT IS DE DAG, on Textradio during the night going to the new year. This during the artist parade 2012 on their radio station for the festivitees for the new year.

Vote Gabriel Scar to a record deal !!! 

(15/12/2011) - Gabriel Scar is participating in a race for a record deal at Sonic Angel (of a.o. Maurice Engelen). Gabriel has gotten to the 23rd place (of more than 600 participants) in their charts already. But he should certainly get into the top 15 to make a real chance at getting a record deal.

You can help him with that by voting for him at: (look at the right of the page).

You can give him points in the following 2 ways:
- He gets 3 points for every e-mail address that votes for him.
- He gets another point (1 point) for every facebook page that votes for him (actually share the page).

Gabriel Scar and his team are very gratefull for your help.

Gabriel Scar working on a long rehabilitation period 

(15/12/2011) - Gabriel Scar had to go through a ‘so called’ easy operation on the 16th of November 2011. They had to take a marrow nail (that was in his leg for 14 years, from his ankle to his knee) out of his leg, through his knee. Normally, it was the operation, 1 night in the hospital, and home the day after, walking like normal.

That was not the case. A few days after the operation there was a very heavy inflammation in that knee, and the pain was no longer endurable. So Gabriel had to go to the hospital again. There, they even took 120 cc of old blood out of his knee. After more than a week in the hospital he was able to return home, but he is still working on a long, somtimes painfull rehabilitation.

He hopes to walk again very quickly. He hopes to give himself 100% again, in his shows, very soon.

2 more foreign radio stations that are playing LIGHTNING LOVE. 

(04/10/2011) - Here are 2 more foreign radio stations that have confirmed that they are playing LIGHTNING LOVE.

South Africa:
- Kangala Community Radio (in Ekangala)

- GEM FM - (Bowen)

GABRIEL SCAR is in the TOP of KINK FM at the end of the station !!! 

(30/09/2011) - KINK FM (the national rock station of the Netherlands) will stop broadcasting at midnight today. This is a pitty, because they gave chances to upcoming artists.
That way, you could also vote for GABRIEL SCAR (with LIGHTNING LOVE) the past few weeks in their show “2 minutes show”.

Gabriel’s song was played in 3 consecutive shows, because of your help. You got him on the 3rd place, in the top 3,2 times.
With his last voting he ended in 5th place.
So, he only just did not make it.
But, because of al these votes he did make it into the TOP 100 chart of the songs and the TOP 50 of the upcoming bands.

His song LIGHTNING LOVE ended up in 32nd place in the TOP 100 chart of songs in the “2 minutes show”.
He, himself, ended up in 22nd place (in the TOP 50 of the upcoming bands).

You can view the lists here

In the TOP 3 of the 2 minutes shwo, for the 2nd week in a row !!! 

(17/09/2011) - Gabriel Scar, with his song LIGHTNING LOVE, has ended up in the top 3 of the program “2 minutes show” on KINK FM, for the 2nd week in a row.
He ended up in 3rd place again. That’s why his song has been played completely on the show, for the 2nd time (in total for the 3rd time).
And so, he got national airplay in the Netherlands again.

This week, there is one final voting that Gabriel can participate in. We thank everyone who voted already. It would be very nice if you could support him one last time in this final voting week. You can vote once every day on
The voting ends on Friday 23rd September 2011, at 9 AM (CET).

Gabriel Scar 3rd in voting of KINK FM in the Netherlands, with Lightning Love !!! 

(10/09/2011) - Gabriel Scar wants to thank all the fans that voted for him over the last week. He became 3rd in the voting of last week in the “2 minutes show” on Kink FM. That was enough to reach his goal.
The first 3 were the winners and their song was played completely on the show. The voting has recommenced for the next week.
One can come back in the show a maximum of 4 times.
So, if you would like to vote for GABRIEL SCAR with LIGHTNING LOVE again, you can do that here:

Even more good news, there are a few international radio stations that will be playing Gabriel’s songs again:

South Africa:
- Radio West Coast / Radio Weskus - (Vredenburg, Western Cape)

New Zealand:
- The Most FM - (Taranaki)

- Talentradio - (internet)

Plus, tonight Gabriel was interviewed by a radio station near New York, in Bridgeport.

GABRIEL SCAR on national radio in the Netherlands (= Holland) !!! 

(03/09/2011) - Gabriel Scar’s song LIGHTNING LOVE was played on national radio yesterday evening, in the Netherlands. On KINK FM namely. In the “2 minutes show”. His song (just like 16 others) was played for 2 minutes on the radio. This, together with the 3 winners of the week before.

Now everyone may vote for the 20 songs that were played yesterday (2nd September). Every e-mail address may vote 1 time a day, during the next week. The best 3 at the end of the week will be played completely on the show, on Friday.
A band can come back in the top 3 for a maximum of 4 weeks, if they get enough votes.

You can help GABRIEL SCAR, with his song LIGHTNING LOVE, by voting for him. And, that way, get him in the top 3. Just go to
Check the dot before Gabriel Scar. Fill in your e-mail at the bottom of the page. And click on the button under that. The first time it’s possible that you need to fill in some things then. Name, postal code and phone number. And click the button under it. You will then receive a confirmation mail for the vote. Click the link and your vote will be confirmed.

Already a big thank you from the entire Gabriel Scar team.

Even more radio stations that will play Gabriel’s songs 

(01/09/2011) - Here is a list of a few radio stations that will be playing Gabriel’s songs:

South Africa:
- VOW FM - (Wits University, near Johannesburg)

- Hit 94 FM - (Oranjestad)

- Radio Rona -
- Kuurnse Webradio -
- Radio Veronieka - (Deinze)
- Leuvense Parel -
- Webradio VIP -

- Join In Radio -
- Radio Onszenderke -

And Gabriel’s songs keep on doing well internationally !!! 

(15/08/2011) - There are again more radio stations that will be playing Gabriel’s songs:

- KSQM FM - (Sequim, in the state of Washington)
- WPKN - (Bridgeport, in the state of Connecticut, not far from New York) - they will also interview  Gabriel Scar on the 10th of September 2011

Hopefully more stations will keep on joining this club.

2 new countries where LIGHTNING LOVE will be played !!! 

(01/08/2011) - There are 2 more countries where LIGHTNING LOVE (by Gabriel Scar) can be heard on the radio. Those countries are New Zealand and The Gambia. You read it correctly, Gabriel Scar also lands on African soil. These are the radio stations that have already confirmed:

- Pump ZM - (Canterbury)
- West Coast Radio - (West Auckland)
- Out Of The Blue FM - no website (Blue Pacific Hotel / Kaikoura)

- West Coast Radio - (Manjai Kunda)

Hopefully new radio stations will keep on coming.

Gabriel Scar’s songs keep on getting air play on international radio stations !!! 

(30/07/2011) - Gabriel Scar is being played on more and more radio stations (internationally). Hier is a list of the extra stations where Lightning Love is being played:
- Splash Radio - (Dunfermline, Schotland + internationally)

And also on these Dutch/Belgian radio stations, you can here Gabriel Scar’s songs:
Holland / Belgium:
- Team FM (the Netherlands nationally) -
- Radio Go4it (internet radio) -
- Radio 45 (internet radio) -
- Radio Holland-Express / ATOS Radio (internet + Zwijndrecht) -
- Radio Transvaal (internet radio, Den Haag) -
- Radio Maasstad (internet radio, Den Haag) -

After that Gabriel’s songs have been played on different radio stations in Belgium and the Netherlands already, there are now about 3 more countries where they are playing his songs. Hopefully there will be more coming.

Even more Australian radio stations that will be playing Lightning Love !!! 

(26/07/2011) - There are even more Australian radio stations that will be playing Lightning Love:
- Gove FM - (in Nhulunbuy, in the north of Australia)
- 2 REM FM - (Albury – Wodonga Community Radio, between Sydney and Melbourne)
- OKR FM - (Kilmore, to the north of Melbourne)

There is also 1 more English radio station that is playing the song.
- 6 Towns Radio (Stoke-on-Trent Community Radio) -

Recordings of new single and video clip are in procedure 

(24/07/2011) - Gabriel Scar and his band are very busy with the recordings of the new single SWEET LITTLE VICTORY, and the video clip that goes with it. The song has been written by the well-known English composer Paul Tony Longland.
The studio recordings for the single will be produced by Walter De Loose of STUDIO DELLO, in Brecht (Belgium).
And, the film recordings will be supervised by Eddy Verberkt, with some help of Ivan Plettinckx.

There is no release date yet. That is because, when everything is finished, Gabriel Scar will be looking for a record label that will want to promote the song, with the help of Andrés Martínez.

LIGHTNING LOVE is still going international !!! 

(21/07/2011) - Gabriel’s song LIGHTNING LOVE is still going strong internationally. Again there are more radio stations who have played, are playing or are going to play the song. Here is a list of the new stations who are playing the song:

- Peak Hill FM - (in Central West Australia)
- WMA FM - (in Castlemaine - The Goldfields – Mount Alexander)
- Bucketts Radio / Gloucester FM - (in Gloucester)

- Premier Christian Radio -
Here it will even be “Demo of the week” in de show “Unsigned” of Loretta Fenton.

- Radio Tircoed / Fresh Unsigned Show - / (in Swansea)

USA: Possibly also this station in the USA (but not yet confirmed):
- KKFI - (Kansas City)

Nederland: also in The Netherlands, there are a few extra stations that will be playing my songs:
- Piratenboys -
- Lilytown Radio -
- Sunlight Radio Goes -
- Twinkle Radio -

The first radio station in Australia is also playing Gabriel’s song !!! 

(26/06/2011) - Gabriel’s song Lightning Love will now also be heard in Australia. KINGLAKE RANGES RADIO, not far from Melbourne, has confirmed they will be playing the song.
Hopefully more and more radio stations will join and give air time to Gabriel’s songs.

Radio UK International, Radio Basingstoke and Covent Garden Radio (London) want to keep on playing LIGHTNING LOVE !!! 

(25/06/2011) - Gabriel Scar received an e-mail, from Astrid Haigh-Smith, telling him that she will be putting LIGHTNING LOVE in the playlists of her program THE UNSIGNED SHOW (a program where artists are played that are not supported by a record label yet). Apparently she liked the song while it was being played 8 times a day, during the period of one month, on the radio stations she works for.

She let us know that Gabriel’s song will be played at the following moments:
- On Radio Basingstoke and Radio UK International at the same time: Tuesday 28 June at 04h00, 12h00 and 20h00 (CET). This will be repeated on Thursday 30 June at 01h00 (CET).
- Also at various times during the INTERNATIONAL SHOWCASE HOUR SHOW in the coming week, on the same radio stations.
- On Covent Garden Radio (London): Wednesday 29 June at 01h00 (CET) and Thursday 30 June at 20h00 (CET). The show will be repeated the following week on Wednesday 6 July and Thursday 7 July, at the same times.

Certainly have a listen.

Even more radio stations in England are going to play LIGHTNING LOVE !!! 

(20/05/2011) - Like you already read on this site, there were a few radio stations, in the United Kingdom, that have been playing LIGHTNING LOVE. Starting next week, there will be a few more. Even a few bigger stations. They will even be playing the song 8 times a day. And, they will advertise the name Gabriel Scar. This during an entire month.

These are the radio stations where you can hear Lightning Love:

1) Radio UK International  =>
2) Covent Garden Radio (Londen) =>
3) CMR Nashville (a Country station near London) =>
4) Radio Basingstoke (a small city to the west of London) =>
5) Radio Alton (a small neighbouring city to Basingstoke) =>
6) Cross Rythems (Christian radio station in Stoke, Plymouth en Teesside) =>

Let’s hope even more stations will follow.

GABRIEL SCAR on number 69, in the Flemish Top 100 of 2010, with DIT IS DE DAG (= This is the day) !!! 

(08/05/2011) - We have discovered that Gabriel Scar can be found in the FLEMISH TOP 100 (of 2010), given free on 2 January 2011. He’s in front of some well known Flemish artists, like Christoff, Laura Omloop, Davy Gilles, Pitaboys, Paul Severs, Danny Fabry, etc. You will find him in 69th place, with his song DIT IS DE DAG (= This is the day).

You can find the list here.

LIGHTNING LOVE is being played in the United Kingdom now !!! 

(30/03/2011) - Gabriel Scar’s song LIGHTNING LOVE has already been heard on the radio in Belgium and the Netherlands, but now it can also be heard in the UK.

Following radio channels have confirmed they will be playing Lightning Love:
- in England:
1) Triangle FM - (region of Gloucestershire)
2) Canalside Community Radio - (region of Cheshire)
3) Sine FM - (region of Doncaster)

- in Scotland:
1) BRICK FM - (region of St Boswells)

If more radio channels confirm, we will let you know.

You can also book Gabriel Scar accousticly now 

(04/03/2011) - Like most of you know, you can book Gabriel Scar solo or with his entire band for performances.
But, for the people who want to book him with his band, but (for example) don’t have the room to put an entire band, we have a sollution.
You can book Gabriel accousticly. He has put together a special set for that.

So, these are the booking possibilities now:
1) Solo (Live on tape) => +/- 45 minutes
2) With his complete live band (6 members) => 1 hour up to 1,5 hours (GABRIEL SCAR & THE CRAZY MUSICAL ANIMALS)
3) Accousticly (3 members) => 1 hour
4) Accousticly (5 members) => 1 hour

And, the bookings and info can be found at:
contact person: Luc Van der Stocken
Tel.: 0032 478 82 55 95

Gabriel Scar has plans for a new single and video clip !!! 

(25/02/2011) - Gabriel Scar (and his entourage) are making plans for the making of a new single and video clip.
There is no fixed date yet, because they want to deliver a very good product. And, that takes time and money. The song has already been chosen. It’s a song that has been written by the Englishmen Paul Tony Longland, from London. Paul Tony wrote this song especially for Gabriel, at the request of Gabriel’s foreign representative Andrés Martínez. For which we thank him with all our hearts. So, it will be, outside of the shows, a very busy recording time.

Recordings will be done at Dello Studios (Brecht, Belgium) and the clip will be recorded by Eddy Verberkt.


(18/01/2011) - We would like to thank Mart De Moor, Evy Wild (backing singers) and Nick De Vos (drums) for everything they have done for the band.
Their musical roads will be separating from ours after the very good performance at the Ozma Music Festival, in Zele, Belgium.
But we are sure that they will do very well with their own musical projects.

Staying with the band are: Gabriel Scar (lead singer), Tom Poppe (guitar and backing), Ozzy McDrake (guitar, keyboard and backing) and Jochen De Smaele (bass player).
But the band will be reinforced by the following members (and we welcome them with all our hearts):
Johan Saenen (drums)
Magali Van Severen (backing)

Winter Wonderland was in the Textradio Top 15 Hit Parade for 3 weeks 

(15/01/2011) - Gabriel Scar’s Christmas song Winter Wonderland was in the Textradio Top 15 hit parade for 3 weeks. Thanks to the voters. He started in 13th position. Went up to number 11. And ended up as number 13 again.