- Johan Saenen (drum & percussion)
- Karel de Vos (bass)
- Jan Gijsels (guitar)
- Andy Vercammen (rhythm guitar)

Drum & Percussion

Name: Johan Saenen
Nickname: none
Born: 31 March 1973, in Louvain (Belgium)
Residence: Ledeberg (province of East-Flanders, Belgium)
Hobbies: Music, literature, sports, etc.
Favourite singers/bands: Rabih Abou Kahlil, Tool, Elbow, Zjef Van Uytzel, Louis Neefs, etc.
Musical Biography: Johan has received a lot of musical educations in his career. Among them there are 2 years of General Musical Education and Percussion at the Music Academy of Louvain (Belgium) and 1 year of private lessons in drum, with an unknown, but brilliant drummer, in Ukkel (Belgium). He also has had the following trainings:
- Workshops Rhythm/Conga in Belgium (Didier Labarre, Chris Joris, etc.)
- Courses Conga in France (Fred ‘El Pulpo’) and Cuba (Raul ‘Lali’ Gonzalez)
Johan is mainly an autodidact. His motto is: “Rehearsing and playing as much as possible is the best learning school”.

If you look at shows, Johan also has a lot of experience there. As a teenager, he started out as a guitar player in a punk band.
With this band he played covers of The Ramones, etc. He also performed solo, with his guitar, and then he played Bob Dylan covers, among others.
He was also guitarist in the band Crack The Code.
Afterwards, he also started drumming. And, in time, drum and percussion became his primary instrument.
As percussionist he played in a funkband, named Jack-a-Dandy, and with a theatrical company, named La Plûme Persée.
As a drummer he also played in different bands and in different styles. This is a list of those bands:
The pop band Mauz, the Irish singer-songwriter Culann Keys, a nameless jazz band (covers like Take Five, etc.), the band The Cutouts, the gothic formation Silver Cross, etc.

Next to those things he did uncountable numbers of workshops, jam sessions, last minute performances, etc. And, at the moment, he is playing in 2 bands.
Namely, The Catholic Girls and GABRIEL SCAR.