- Johan Saenen (drum & percussion)
- Karel de Vos (bass)
- Jan Gijsels (guitar)
- Andy Vercammen (rhythm guitar)

Rhythm guitar

Name: Andy Vercammen
Born: 8 February 1987
Residence: Belsele (province of East-Flanders, Belgium)
Hobbies: Music, board games, gaming and fitness
Favourite singers/bands: Sabaton, Hammerfall, Flogging Molly, Battlebeast, …

Musical Biography: Since I was 5 years old, I’m playing music.  I started at the Harmony of Belsele.  There I followed Music Theory, and there I also learned to play my first instrument, namely Baritone.  When I was 16 years old, I started playing the guitar.  I mostly taught it to myself (long live internet and youtube).  After that I played along during the concerts of the harmony different times, on guitar.  Now (2016) I’m 29 and I’m part of my first real band, namely Gabriel Scar.